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Maurice et Huguette ORRIERE
2 Bd. Alexis Carrel, 35700 RENNES, FRANCE
Email : maurice.orriere wanadoo.fr

Looking for a relaxing place in Vientiane, made of peace, a floral environment, a relaxing place to release stress, do as my wife and me, try Villa Sisavad, a welcoming Guesthouse, where time does not count. This is now six years that we put our suitcases with renewed pleasure every time. Usability, here has a meaning and Thong Souvanna, the master of the house will make you share his deep love of Laos, his humour, inherited his French training while dreaming of a swimming pool set in a green, and that, for a value price at this level.

30 village du Soleil 13540 PUYRICARD, FRANCE

After Bangkok, Vientiane is a breath of fresh air. During a walk through the quiet streets and along the Mekong River, we met with hospitality and kindness Laotians. Located in a quiet area, we found the guesthouse comfortable, where the French boss welcomed us with warmth and sympathy. Rooms are decorated with taste in a lush garden around a pool....

1281 Rue des Ecureuils, 45590 St CYR EN VAL, FRANCE
Email : yd.maurice wanadoo.fr

Vientiane charmed us by its serene atmosphere where Tuktuk, "mobs" and bicycles still have priority over cars. What a pleasure to walk in so colourful local markets, where product diversity delights us as much as it intrigues us!
Visiting many Vats challenges us, and what about those old houses, a witness colonial French past!
And we do not forget the wonderful sunsets over the Mekong, we had the pleasure of watching while sipping a beerlao! Our taste buds were stimulated daily by the various flavours of Lao dishes enjoyed in small eateries or local restaurants

Vangvieng is booming and attracts nature lovers.
Luang Prabang, the former royal capital of Laos, has fascinated us. This small town is best explored on foot to suit all so special vats, its steps and a walk on the banks of the Mekong. It is a feast for the eyes and a haven.

The Plain of Jars in Phonsavan leaves questions unanswered: where do these megaliths carved, which deposited them there and why?

Traveling by bus, minibus, taxi permits to enjoy the scenery of the mountains and plains, vegetation and through villages where it is good to stop - Lao are so nice! A day sailing on the Mekong is not to be missed!

And finally, how can we not mention the Guesthouse "Villa Sisavad" in Vientiane. The warm Thong, promoter and defender of Francophone relations, comfortable rooms with cable TV, please, pool lined with exotic trees. It is a paradise that must be missed in Vientiane.

Yes, Laos has definitely won us over, it’s beautiful, it’s still pure and the friendly people invite us to come back! are decorated with taste in a lush garden around a pool.

Email : Pierre.MOUHOT dd-33.travail.gouv.fr

I waited my forty-fifth year to finally come to Laos, in the footsteps of a distant ancestor, Henri Mouhot. I found his grave, he was a sort of guide in my childhood where I admired his courage and descriptions, people, landscapes. Many of these places have no or little changed since the 19th century. I wanted to return, but this second trip was to be not for me, but for Laos. I met the Frangipanier Association in Vientiane, at the Villa Sisavad Guesthouse. At the same time, I took my daughter Celia, there is no reason to let her wait until adulthood!

Frangipanier in Laos, I knew it was small actions, modesty, relevance. The Frangipanier has a soul, Thong, Malivanh, Mauritius and Huguette, and it is a family that I have found here. This soul has the most amazing quality look. The Baci, meeting of the minds and the physical being ... I have learned to look Laos with the look of Frangipanier: attention to detail, supported with all care, respect each other. Humility before a huge mosaic of people and small country a bit forgotten by the rest of the world.

A small Sabaidi by it and a little hello and there, and smiles, laughter shared. These viewpoints invite respect, sharing, humanity simply. I am proud to say that I am a friend of Thong and Viengkeo, and many others, crossed Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Pakse and along the route of Frangipanier. This pride is not the pride, the sense of richness of the soul. This wealth has no price, it is the meeting of Laos in the life of every day, and traditions; efforts to ensure that their culture reborn, with concessions on good terms with modernity.

The doors are between Lao-open, which does not occur in Europe. Thank Thong have accompanied us on the threshold, sometimes all within the houses, and just as carefully, we have learned to go alone to meet ... talk with many scrambled words, most Lao possible.

As for Villa Sisavad Guesthouse is our home in Vientiane. Happy every time to navigate and tell our escapades in this wonderful country.

Thank Henri Mouhot have aroused my curiosity for babies Laos. I thank all Lao that I met, and sharing that took place, plus the awakening of my daughter.

I will return again to meet the "Large Small World" delights.

Around the world in scooter, in 1000 days
Web : www.2globe-reporters.com

Laos is defined by himself:
L: Luang Prabang, a city with many temples, such as the Mekong calm that borders.
A: Authentic, a country and people that are revealed to us without superfluous.
O: Oriental, as the smells and flavours that we find every day in the markets and restaurants.
S: Serene just like those monks who, umbrella in hand through the streets of Vientiane!

Obviously, the Laos comes down to these four words. This is a rich country that we discover. Rich in history, including colonial, rich in monuments, rich in its varied and rich in people especially landscapes.

With good roads on the main roads, the Guest House and Restaurant, Laos appears increasingly to tourism. So do not delay too!

In Vientiane, we recommend Villa Sisavad Guesthouse for its calm, speaking and helpful staff, and pool!

A very good starting point to explore Laos.

Mireille ODDOU
24 cours Jean Jaurès, 38000 Grenoble

Francophone and Francophile, Mr Thong Souvanna, always willing to help, will make your stay in Vientiane unforgettable.

Marc Daniel

Laos: a country to discover and love. A fascinating country where people take the time to say hello and you smile.
In Vientiane, Villa Sisavad Guesthouse is the image of this country. Take the time to drink "Beer Lao" at the pool enjoying the warm welcome.

Lothar & Hanne BOETTCHER
Kurfurstenstrasse 28, 82110 Germering-Germany
Email : hanne_sjoequist yahoo.de

Wir waren letztes Jahr erstmals in Laos, und es hat uns so gefallen, dass wir dieses Jahr wieder hier in Vientiane in Guesthouse Sisavad Guesthouse sind.
Es ist zu sehr zu empfehlen, ruhig und mit einem kleinen Pool.

Jean-Paul et Béatrice

If you like an atmosphere that is relaxing and full of life, come to Villa Sisavad Guesthouse. Here in the heart of Vientiane, you drink in the sweetness of local life and laos values: kindness, tolerance and serenity.

M.Thong Souvanna, the owner is friendly and always willing to help you. Viengkeo, his wife is always smiling and caring. They treat each guest as their friends. The hotel staff is in their image, respectful and kind.

After a bike ride in the heat of the city, swim in the pool among plants is a real pleasure. The garden with exotic flowers is both a place where you can meet people and chat and also a place where one can isolate for reading or doing paperwork. One can also have breakfast in the morning when the air is still fresh.

Jean et Louise Gaubert, René Benoit, Loïc-René et Anik Vilbert, Antoine et Jocelyne Guennoc.
Dinan, mars 2003.

The delegation from the City of Dinan and the Pays de Dinan (Côtes d’Armor, France), birthplace of the explorer Auguste Pavie (1847-1925), wishes to express to Mr. Thong Souvanna Householder of Villa Sisavad Guesthouse in Vientiane, his warmest praise for its attentive and friendly welcome in a guest house she likes to visit regularly. At the heart of Vientiane, in a traditional neighbourhood and in pleasant surroundings, we are experiencing the warm hospitality and justly deemed the country Lao!

Benolaos, creator of Luangprabang-laos.com
Octobre 2014, Septembre 2016, March 2019

The place to be in Vientiane. Simple, familial, a very good atmosphere, a swimming pool around which we meet new friends, tables where to have a drink or a nice dish from the restaurant in front of the Hotel. My coup de coeur!